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August 24, 2016

Treatment of Tennis & Golfers Elbow

Treatment of Tennis & Golfers Elbow

Paul Gould at & All About U Health treatments uses a combination of treatment methods to treat Tennis and Golfers elbow in London & South East.  Available in your workplace & in his satellite clinics in Kent & Surrey.


What is Tennis & Golfers elbow and how do we treat it?

Pain in the elbow is often due to two main conditions – tennis elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis) and golfers elbow.

Tennis elbow causes pain and tenderness around the outside of the elbow joint, whereas golfer’s elbow causes pain around the inner side of the joint. It may be characterized by tiny tears to the tendon and Periosteum (lining) of the bone, creating pain and swelling in the local area.

Often aggravated by movements such as gripping. It is generally caused by repetitive strain or wear and tear from any hobby, sport or activity, not just tennis or golf, though direct trauma and traumatic over-stretching can also cause symptoms. Once the pain starts, your normal activities and habits can maintain the problem.

Pre-existing problems with your neck, wrist or shoulder, that might not in themselves be painful, can make it more likely for you to suffer with tennis or golfers elbow. Some cases can ease without intervention but many people require treatment.

Treatment of Tennis elbow and Golfers elbow

-We would first take a full medical case history evaluating all movements, restrictions and strength. It is also worth determining possible causes, what things to avoid and what exercises or stretches that may help speed recovery.

-Tennis grip and technique: Back hand, single handed back

hand and forehand shots can aggravate the muscles or

Tendons leading to Tennis or Golfers elbow, adjusting the

grip and technique can lead to the problem, changing the

grip can ease the problem.

-Osteopathy uses a variety of different massage and

       manipulation techniques to try to ease your symptoms, get

to the cause of the problem and get you back to your normal

lifestyle. We may gently manipulate the elbow, wrist, neck

and upper back joints.

Trigger Point therapy is a particularly useful technique when

treating either referred elbow issues or primary tennis elbow.

Trigger points are tender knots of tension in the muscle or

tendon which can cause pain or referred pain elsewhere.

Strong or gentle pressure on these points can gain great

relief from symptoms.

Our therapists may offer you advice on which activities and

movements to avoid, give specific exercises and advise on

an elbow brace support or sports strapping if necessary.

-Kinesiology tape (KTape) this is a thin, stretchy, elastic cotton

strip with an acrylic adhesive. This can help alleviate pain,

reduce inflammation, relax muscles, enhance performance

and help with rehabilitation as well as support muscles during

a sporting event.

-Acupuncture on Tennis and Golfers elbow is particularly effective

at getting to those deeper, harder to reach muscles within the

elbow and forearm.

The needles used along the line of the inter-osseus membrane of the forearm and directly into the Brachio-Radialis muscle and tendon, also points in the Tricep muscle attachment to the elbow, can really help reduce muscle cramping and spasm, allow better blood flow and drainage, encourage the production of the bodies own natural Pain killers and anti-Inflammatories.

Needles may also be applied to the shoulder and neck if we

Feel this to be an area that may be causing some referral

pain. (Almost Painless AcuPen ‘NeoAcu’ is used)

Resting for a short time is sometimes necessary to allow the

elbow to recover/mend preventing further irritation.

-Postural Issues can play a part in the irritation of elbows due to

nerve impingement, muscular tension, or over compensation

due to restriction of shoulder and neck movement causing an

overworking of the elbow.

-Hypermobility of an elbow joint can cause a particularly stubborn

and lasting elbow issue, more common in women. In these

cases, some stability resistance exercise can be advised.

-Exercises, and stretches for the forearm, shoulder and neck

muscles and joints can also help as part of a treatment


-Cold packing/Compress is the preferred method for elbow

inflammation rather than a hot pack, this helps to reduce the

swelling. Cold gels & sprays are available which can

even be applied during exercise. (Available to buy from


-Arthritis or disc issues can also cause pain in the elbow.

Addressing the neck, upper spine and shoulder can help

alleviate the symptoms greatly. Acupuncture will also help

reduce Arthritis symptoms.

We may suggest you see your GP for advice about pain medication or anti-inflammatories or refer you to them for further investigations.

-Hydro-Cortisone/Steroid Injection: Whilst a very effective anti-

inflammatory these have been limited in how much or how

many can be administered by a GP, as a result of the Steroid

breaking down the connective tissue and potentially leading

to a more unstable joint.

Tens Machine, Ultrasound or Laser can also be effective in

some cases for pain relief and increasing blood flow.


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