Golfers have unusual hips

August 24, 2016

Motion is Lotion

Fixed, fused, frozen, immobile, inflexible, restricted, stiff, stuck, tense, tight, taut.
Most of these words describe at least one part of our body at some point in our lives.

As we exercise to achieve those buns of steel or bulging biceps in the name of health, fitness and conditioning, sometimes trying to achieve or maintain these can lead to tension and restriction of movement or even injury.

Our bodies are designed for locomotion and dynamic movement, after all that is the primary function of our joints, to allow movement. Our health and wellbeing depends on movement in every sense. Sitting for many hours at a desk or in the car will tighten the neck and shoulders or lower back, leading to poor posture. This can easily be followed by compensatory or referred pain causing conditions such as frozen Shoulder, headaches and migraines, tennis or golfers elbow, Sciatica, hip and knee injuries or pains, even leading to foot biomechanical issues such as Plantar fasciitis, Metatarsalgia or Achilles tendonitis.

Motion of Joints, circulation of blood, lymphatic flow and digestive flow are all interdependent on each other to maintain health, wellbeing and prevent disease.

Balance of muscular tone: 3D

Why massage is good for you?
We all know that exercise helps the flow of the bodies blood circulation around the body, this also helps reduce congestion of the Lymphatic system which helps filter the bodies fluid waste products. If congestion of blood occurs around a tendon or joint, this can lead to Oedema, a stasis of fluid in the body, which in turn can allow the tendons and joints to become inflamed and even prone to strains and tears. Massage, balancing techniques and stretches help prevent this happening.

To prevent these tensions causing sports injuries, Flexibility exercises and stretches, yoga, daily exercises, or treatment such as Osteopathy and Sports Massage will even help prevent degenerative disease such as Arthritis and Disc issues.

Manipulation and articulation of the joints through Osteopathy will help mobilize the body and release tension and twists.
Massage and soft tissue techniques will help prevent/reduce congestion of circulation and lymphatics to help maintain healthy joints, ligaments, cartilage, tendons and muscles and even keep the skin healthy. The function of our organs also benefit from this kind of treatment.

Structure governs function: The correct alignment of our skeletal system is essential. Our organs and other body tissues require good circulatory blood flow and free unobstructed nerve supply to function optimally, without this we can expect congestion/oedema, Blood pressure problems, digestive issues, breathing and cardiovascular problems.

A balance of Structural integrity and muscular tone with good symmetry is all we need to allow us to stay healthier and fitter for longer.

Getting the right balance and symmetry as you grow is important too!

All of those who play Tennis, Squash, Badminton or Golf regularly may already realize that it’s a wonky sport in that just by holding the racquet and serving in a twisty way this will create asymmetry and imbalance in the Structure and Musculature impacting the function of our bodies for other activities throughout the day.

The benefits of exercise of course outweigh the disadvantages but could we be causing twists and problems for later on that could be easily avoided with treatment?

I will soon be launching some very clever technology using a Postural assessment App, gait analysis software, graphical and statistics feedback, which can offer a great evidence based scientific approach to our bodies improved Posture and increased Movement and Performance.

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