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6 Reasons your company should consider health treatments for your staff


Improved Staff Morale

The motivation and morale of an individual or a team is significantly affected by many factors including absenteeism of fellow colleagues. Improve staff morale by offering wellbeing treatments to avoid absence and maintain optimal health and wellbeing of the staff at work. Ultimately a healthy workforce is a happy and productive workforce.


Identifying Malingerers

Malingering Mondays or exaggerated illness is commonplace at work. Providing treatment at work is not only a perk to show the company cares but is a great deterrent for bogus absence or protracted time off chasing treatment appointments at home.


Natural and Holistic Approach

all of our treatments are natural and considerate to the Holistic (Whole body) ethos. Treatments include Osteopathy, Massage, Sports Massage, Manipulation, Acupuncture, Sports injuries, Trigger point therapy, Cranio-Sacral therapy and more


Reduced Absenteeism

We all know you have to physically be at work to be working and productive. Our aim is to maintain staffs attendance and efficiency in the workplace. It is also important to recognise that it is often injury or circumstances outside of work that contributes to absence eg. Sports, trips, falls etc. We endeavour to get staff back to work swiftly.


Increased Productivity

Productivity and efficiency at work directly correlates to the ability to concentrate well being less distracted and more focussed. Our Mental and Physical balance and wellbeing at home and at work massively contributes to our efficiency and productivity.


Prevent Litigation

Offering help early on can often prevent potential legal issues from escalating. If there is no opportunity for legal issues apparent then blame is dissolved. Create good will at work through enhancing health and personal wellbeing creating a harmonious solution to any problem. Our therapists are well versed in mitigating and mediating these problems early on before becoming inflamed, and of course professionally and in confidence

Occupational Injuries account for a major proportion of the

350 Million

Working days lost per year. 1.2 Million workers in the UK suffer from musculoskeletal disorders annually.

Recognised by all major health care insurers


Osteopathy is a natural form of treatment using only the hands to alleviate the body of mainly musculoskeletal aches and pains...

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As part of a combination of treatment to aid muscle repair and reduce soreness from injury or purely for relaxation.

Workplace Massage: Read More


This is a natural virtually pain free use of acupuncture needles creating amazing results in treating pain and stress. Patients often report a sense of calm, increased concentration and wellbeing.

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Foot Specialist & Orthotics

Our feet are often ignored, but they can have such a profound effect on our posture, balance, gait and wellbeing. As with the rest of the body, our specialist therapists are highly trained in foot biomechanics, articulation and foot exercises

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Postural Workplace Assessment
Preventative & Curative

A Postural Workplace Assessment carried out by our biomechanical expert will look not just how the workplace may contribute to aches pains and injury already suffered, but is great as a preventative measure, eliminating discomfort, increase productivity, prevent potential litigation and improve overall performance.

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Get Your Workforce Back on Track

4.9 million working days are lost due to back pain every year, the cost to your business is huge. The good news is that back pain is easily treatable.

Wellbeinginwork uses a wide variety of treatment methods & techniques, all of which are safe, gentle, non-invasive & effective. We use a variety of treatments & techniques ranging from Cranial Sacral Therapy through to manual treatments such as Osteopathic Manipulation, Sports Injury treatment, Acupuncture and Massage. We aim to restore your bodies natural balance of structure & function through your Musculo-Skeletal system, helping prevent and relieve your aches, pains & injury. Of course we don't just treat backs, we can address most problems from top to toe

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